Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Card Patterns Sketch #4

Gosh, I have been neglectful. It's been over week since I have updated. I haven't really done anything, nor have I felt like hanging out on the computer much the past several days.

Emily arrived safely on Saturday and has been doing well. She started school on Monday and I have talked to most of her teachers and I feel good about how everything turned out. She didn't get to attend the same school as Skye which was a bit frustrating to me at first, but as always, things happen for a reason and I think she is going to do well right where she is. The homework is going to suck the life right out of me though; she had one math worksheet last night that took her all night to finish. She is really far behind and her IEP's haven't been sent over yet so we are just trying to find a balance. I had to spend the better part of 3 hours upstairs helping her, but she did OK and finished everything. Skye helped her a bit which was nice.

Here is my card for Card Patterns sketch #4. It's posted late so I apologize for that. I struggled trying to use the image and the sketch together so it really looks nothing like the sketch. I did have fun with the cute image though. I printed it out on several sheets of pp and then basically layered some peices on. The images we were sent to use are from Sweet 'n Sassy stamps, which you can check out for yourself here. You can get regualr stamps as well as digital stamps which you can tweak to suit your needs. It was the first time I have worked with a digital stamp and it was really fun! Thank you Korin for sponsoring our team!

Since my card looked nothing like the sketch, I decided to create another card which looks like the sketch. Be sure to check out the beautiful cards the other DT girls created.

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm, which really surpised all of us. We never thought there could be a t-storm with weather in the mid 30's. It was loud and at one point right over our house. The sky was light as day with all the flashing lightning, the house was rumbling and the hail was coming down hard and heavy. Odd indeed. I am sure it's going to be a topic of conversation around these parts today.

I don't know why my posts are so screwy lately. I cannot delete the duplicated image. Sorry about that.

Take care!


  1. Wonderful cards, do such nice work!

  2. Both of your cards are beautiful Rach'. My goodness you must be such a lovely lady with lots of patience!! Four teenage girls in one house sounds very scarry, I have one and that is challenge enough for me! LOL

  3. Rae, both cards are gorgeous! You managed to pull the skunk really well and the colors you used matched perfectly. The blue, green & orange though I must admit is one of my fave color combination. I love it!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.