Monday, March 23, 2009

March Artz de Scrap projects

Hello! It's another Monday, but I for one am happy. It was a long weekend and as much as I love having the girls around, I am thankful to get a bit of peace today. :)

Skye decided that she was going to try to catch one of our cats, Molly, with some contact paper on Saturday. It could have been a potential disaster had I not heard Molly growling and hissing at Skylar. lol Sometimes that girl does the craziest things, but that truly is one of the things I love about her. Her ADHD is definitely to the point now though where I cannot allow her to skip a day, like I did on Saturday. She is so off task and more like a 6 year old than a 13 year old when she is not taking her meds. I hate to stifle her free-spirit, but at the same time her free-spirit is way out of control much of the time and it has to be kept in check.

'Twilight' came out on Saturday, and I was surprised when my husband watched it 3 times this weekend! He really likes the movie. The girls and I have been anxiously awaiting this release. I liked it, but there is so much that was left out, which I knew would happen. I think I am going to read the series again. Maybe my dh will as well since he had a lot of questions that we wouldn't answer for him. *insert evil smile* We told him many times to read the book. He didn't like that. lol
These are the projects that I created for Artz de Scrap this month. Our projects were an altered door hanger and a wall hanging. The team totally rocked these projects! Be sure to check them out.

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