Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dream, Hope and Believe... E.A.D Style

It's been beautiful weather here the past few days; sunny and warm, perfect for my spirits. I am feeling good spiritually. At peace with things. I know we have a lot of Angels watching over us and I truly beleive that they are looking out for us.

I did get some good news about Ashlyn. Her colon is disease free! That's a relief, but I pretty much figured that. So now we just sit back and wait. For what, who knows. She will get sick someday, as is the case with any autoimmune disorder, but for now they are going to treat her stomach pain with some medication. I just need to take her for an EKG next week and then we will start her on it. It should work within 6-8 weeks so she should be feeling better soon.

I made this trio of butterfly wall plaques using some of the beautiful butterfly shapes and sentiments from E.A.D Designs. Each plaque is 4.5"x5". I laid the butterfly rub-on shape on the paper and then cut out, folded the edges a bit for dimension and then mounted onto the plaque. I added a bit of bling for some sparkle to finish them off. I then added a sentiment to each. All the girls have claimed this set, so I am not sure who is going to get it yet. :) Maybe I'll just toss them on the floor and the last one standing will get them. lol Not really.

chipboard book cut apart to create each plaque
rub ons: E.A.D Designs
pp; My Little Shoebox
bling: MAMBI and other

OMG! I just saw these little cuties!!! I am sure you will be seeing these sometime in the near future. Too cute!

Take care,


  1. These are SUPER CUTE! Looks like your keeping busy.

  2. Okay...I want to either be like you or live by you so I could borrow some inspiration. Your stuff is always sooo cute! LOVE IT!!

  3. So happy to hear that you got some good news with Ashlyn!
    Your projects with the butterflies is adorable!!!

  4. Awe, those are so sweet. Sounds like you will be making more though! hehe


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.