Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She's in the Navy now and A Christmas layout

Well, it's been a few months in the works, but our oldest daughter Kara (19) is officially in the US Navy! She swore in yesterday and ships out for Basic Training in Illinois on Feb. 22nd. I am SO PROUD of her, but as she told me the news, tears immediately started falling. Big ones. I knew this time was coming, and I have been preparing mentally for it, but now that everything is official, it hit me hard. My first girl is leaving the nest and as much as I know she needs to get on with her life, it's just not going to be the same without her around here. I am sure we are all going to be crying off and on for the next few months as the time for her to leave approaches and even thereafter. Ashlyn had already claimed Kara's room and big bed. Skye just wants a few stuffed animals and her curtain rod. lol She's not even gone yet and the war has begun. And, we get to do it all again when Meghan, who is also joining the Navy after she graduates in June, ships off in July. When did I get so darn old?

I have a Christmas layout to share. Ashlyn LOVES Hot Wheels so my hubby bought her a case and we spent about 2 months before Christmas finding cars to fill it. She was really curious about this gift and when she opened it her reaction was priceless! I ddn't get her initial reaction on film, but I got to see it and it was wonderful. All she could do was gasp and cover her face in shock. She was truly in shock and it was beautiful! I am glad we could make her so happy! I used some rub-ons from E.A.D Designs (from the Christmas Sentiments 2 set).

cs: Bazzill
pp: October Afternoon, Fancy Pants Designs and Scenic Route
rub-ons: E.A.D Designs
chipboard: Scenic Route

I'll be back soon with some more projects featuring E.A.D Designs. I have had some free time and have been busy scrapping... plus I found a project I forgot to post before Christmas. Maybe tomorrow. :)


  1. you should totally be proud of your DD! that is so totally awesome! Best of luck to her during BT!!!

  2. so incredible for your girl but sad for you - remember to send her tons of letters when she is in basic b/c it's so hard (my sis is in the air force and she said it helped) :D

  3. My DH is currently in the Navy, and it was sure hard to see him leave for basic over 5 years ago. When he first joined I swore he'd get out at the 5 year point, but here we are still going. Guess it grew on me. Yes send her lots of letters, I really do think it helps.

  4. Hey Rae, hope all is well. Ashlyn looks great, how she is doing well. Just wanted to pop over and say Hi. Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a happy healthy New Year.


  5. gosh i don't look forward to that day either when my girls leave the nest! hugs! love your page, my girls both love to play with cars too!


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