Wednesday, July 6, 2011

parade ready layout- Butterfly Crafts June challenge

Hi! Not sure how I missed posting this, but here is my take on the June challenge over at the Butterfly Crafts blog.

I booked Kara's tickets home!!! Her ship will be pulling into Norfolk, VA sometime next week, and then she gets to come home for about 10 days in early August. I am SO excited to get to see my sweet girl! It'll be 10 months since I have seen her beautiful face, and I cannot wait to give her a hug and hang out with her. I am going to enjoy and cherish every single moment I have with her before she heads back to VA. I wish we lived closer because it's hard for her to be away from family, and it's just as difficult to have her across the country. However, she has a job to do, and I am immensely proud of her for what she is doing, how she has grown and who she is becoming. Gosh I love that girl!

Have a beautiful day!

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